Tattoo Exceptional Pieces

From these timeless tattoos, the opulent Tattoo is born
The exceptional Tattoo set pays homage to traditional Māori skin-carving, injected with Akillis’ ethno-rock charm. The four luxurious pieces, channeling the warrior spirit, include a bold, flexible necklace, an airy protective cuff, and earrings that wrap around the ear. Together, they combine exotic design with Akillis tradition.
Ocean motifs meet streamlined design: the shock and strength of opposites
The exceptional Tattoo necklace unites the tribal and authentic nature of Māori skin-carving with the strength and sophistication of Akillis. 1,727 black diamonds and 137 white-totaling 62.78 carats-adorn this wide necklace, whose curved motifs meld and peak like a wave, in tension with the sharpest, clearest designs of the jeweller.
The warrior’s spirit meets modern luxury
At the intersection of Māori skin-carving and Akillean design, the exceptional Tattoo bracelet embodies the spirit of the protector and the fighter. The product-adorned with 202 white diamonds and 370 black, including 19 specially cut for this piece-sharpens the aesthetics. The piece honors the authentic and savage nature of tattoos through modern design and traditional French savoir-faire. Its hinged opening makes this jewel, pain-free Tattoo, as easy as a single click.
Flipping innovation on its head
Avant-Garde, the two exceptional Tattoo earrings are completely unexpected and unique. Inspirations from faraway tribes—the half-wave, half-harpoon shapes reimagined by Akillis — stretch into an easy curve before tapering to a point, while a pink gold hook reaches up behind the ear.