Caroline Gaspard: The energy behind Akillis

Caroline in sum and substance: unstoppable, iconoclastic, determined, hot-headed and passionate. Caroline, pure energy!!!

2007. Caroline Gaspard founded Akillis at the tender age of 25. Birth of Bang Bang: a striking and provocative golden bullet, a revolution in the world of jewellery directly inspired by an exhilarating day at a Moscow shooting range. The young woman had ventured to the Russian capital to join the man she loves.

The brand’s creator fuels the Akillis spirit with her disruptive nature, her thirst for uniqueness, her vitality and daring individuality, creating a world of unfettered liberty and license, with perfection as the ultimate goal. Indeed, her worldview is grounded in values and principles that she strives to instill into her brand. The choice of Greek warrior Achilles as namesake implies a certain responsibility. The legendary hero of the Trojan War, embraced as a symbol of tutelary warrior, protection and honor, also embodies the power to march fearlessly ahead, with virtue and integrity, in a sector ripe for revolution. Raised in an entrepreneurial household by parents whose work ethic was equaled only by their loving nature, Caroline was instilled with a sense of endeavor: fair and constructive aspirations, inspiration to transcend one's limits. Her mother, a passionate gemologist, introduced young Caroline to the world of precious stones, their deep-rooted history, their symbolism and of course their role in Greco-Roman history. This knowledge whetted her curiosity and spurred her to approach life as an adventure - between dreams and reality.