The creative adventure

Thanks to a temperament that refuses any censorship, Caroline Gaspard moves forward without fear, according to her instinct. A few words from a trip, a design magazine, a smell, an exceptional stone and that's the idea, impossible to stop! Exit technical issues since they will necessarily have to be overcome! With passion, love, tenderness, playfulness, or pride.

The choice of
French excellence

From the creation of Akillis, Caroline Gaspard decided to establish itself in France to guarantee the traditional know-how that characterizes French jewelry. Its workshops are based in the Lyon region, a bastion of excellence in these trades, where the famous OJ4 – the ultimate level of master jeweler – and specialized craftsmen envied around the world work. From molding to casting, from machining to jewelry making, from polishing to setting, the dexterity necessary for the exemplarity desired by the designer: Akillis reveals itself.

from the rock jeweler

Akillis injects his pieces with materials and techniques that contribute to their ultra-contemporary rock look. Its variations of black and white, its radical settings, its diamond cable chains thus serve its disruptive, radical and sophisticated grammar. With the DLC, the material is deep and velvety. With titanium, the parts are designer and metallic. With black rhodium plating, white gold has shine and light.

Zoom on
two Akillean settings

Among the different settings mastered by the jeweler, two occupy a very particular place: the fang setting and the claw setting in triangles allow him to establish his sharp and unconventional bias. Visible, anti-classic frames that highlight the rock spirit and the presence of the cut gem.

Cutting-edge technologies
and challenges

Artificial intelligence does not replace that of the hand, it complements it and combines with its patience, its ancestral knowledge and its dexterity. The research and development and cutting-edge techniques in which the brand has chosen to invest are essential to its Akillean extremism: they serve its creativity honed with the level of precision of today and tomorrow.

The precious stones of
adventurous jeweler

Akillis gems are selected by the expert eye of Caroline Gaspard, trained by her gemologist mother. Of course, the rebellious designer prefers to classic stones the iridescent and uncontrolled reflections of opal, the unfathomable tones - neon blue, blue-green and unspeakable of Paraiba tourmaline. Enhanced by this troidia cut, emblematic of the jeweler. Akillis therefore favors raw materials with intense color so that the gem, once cut, reveals all its beauty. The lapidary's know-how lies here in obtaining perfectly straight and sharp edges.