Impactful and essentialized lines, active shapes.
A geometry, armed to seduce.

Akillis frees himself from figuration to hit the nail on the head - to the essential.
His initial inspirations and ideas - drawn from strong figures and symbols of the collective unconscious - are simplified until the quintessence is obtained. It is by purifying, stylizing and concentrating that Akillis achieves the desired evocative power.
The pattern obtained - always graphic - is then subject to infinite variations.
Its shapes: sharp triangles, target circles, tapered arcs, interlocking puzzles, oppose decorative ornamentation. Its curved or tense lines fuse, strike, attract, counter or interpenetrate, envelop and protect.
The French jeweler's distinct colors - black & white or intense - reveal its desire not to be classic.
The geometric ensemble has a rock look, ready to seduce!

Masculine and feminine!

The jewelry brand for women and men alike.
A question of moment and instinct but not of genre!

The rebellious spirit: the prerogative of a man or a woman? Akillis is not more feminine than masculine: she is both!
Its type is singularity; its sex ultra modernity.
Its aesthetic: graphics, themes and codes escape categories.
Akillis is aimed - above all - at self-confident temperaments looking for strong pieces; she creates jewelry pieces for them that are sexy and stylish, virile and sophisticated.
We choose the brand for its mixed offering, for OSrself and for OSr other half. But also from mother to son, from father to daughter, from friend to friend, depending on what we want to mean with passion, love, tenderness, playfulness, or pride.

The rock look

The jewelry counterculture!
Variations of pace according to Akillis.

Rebel, disruptive and radical, Akillis makes impertinence an attitude, singularity a style.
The Rock look - graphic, haughty and incandescent - plays with the forbidden, breaks conventions, provokes the world: risk becomes an emblem, adrenaline meets the eye, a break in the line of conduct.
Adventurous and moody, Akillis' Rock look is not impeccable but lively, receptive to all games, to all desires.
His freedom, his influence and his impact are noticed, envied – stand out.
Glam'Rock, it electrifies life and the silhouette. Rock Western, she shoots bullets from an outlaw jewelry locker room. Pop'Rock, it plays the extravagance of intense gems. Biker chic, she rushes at the speed of defended elegance. Ethno'Rock, it modernizes tribal inspirations. As a couple, the Rock union seals the promise of fiery and passionate love.

Seduction games

The seduction traps of playful love.
For those looking for jewelry sensations!

Akillis is mischievous and unpredictable.
His romanticism - non-consensual - enjoys setting the traps of a daring, rock and subversive seduction free from classic codes.
His weapons - a concentrate of adrenaline and desire - display sharp trappings that disconcert sensitive souls, charm and conquer strong temperaments.
In the games of seduction and love, Akillis plays as much as she plays, dodges and draws, attacks and protects with irrepressible contemporary lures for those in need of jewelry sensations.
Warning! His pieces engage the promise of a fiery and passionate life together. Reserved for initiates!

Freedom of tone!

The luxury of being OSrself and doing what OS want.
The brand that ventures into difference and challenges.

Akillis says and does as she pleases, when she pleases. It is his insolence, his luxury, his freedom.
She does not depend on any group and on any injunction except that of her jeweled voice - in rupture and New in. It’s its independence, its lightness.
The brand is unique in its way of being: its appearances, its image and its speeches are like its creations: too complete to compose. She makes no apologies for being herself.
His language has the impudence of frankness, the guts to the endist and the victorious temperament; he calls out.
Yes Akillis escapes general approval: so what? And yes, she ventures into difference, breaks the codes, lives by vibrating alternately!